Nightforce NXS 3.5-15×56: The Number 1 Choice for Law Enforcement

Every rifle enthusiast knows what an important role a rifle scope plays for an accurate target shooting. But rifle scopes vary in what game you are targetting. When you say military or law enforcement profession, then Nightforce NXS 3.5-15x56 is the best choice.

Nightforce NXS

The military and law enforcement professionals only require unfailing and repeatable performance of any handgun or rifle used. When on the battlefield, they need firearms that can withstand forces of nature and human.

Nightforce NXS 3.5-15x56 riflescope perfectly combines the skill and performance of the wielder and the innovation of a high-end rifle. This firearm provides a wide field-of-view and an excellent light-gathering ability, a perfect feature for military service. This Nightforce rifle is very versatile internal adjustment making it possible to hunt at any distance and advanced field applications.

Nightforce NXS series faced several situations to test its durability and performance. Still, the firearm remained in performing condition after a couple of Nightforce NXS models were tested in extreme conditions.

The Nightforce rifle scope is not exclusively for military performance. Its great features and exceptional optical integrity is also applicable for hunting and competitive target shooting. But if you prefer a hunting rifle with a high cartridge performance and extensive range, you can also opt for Nightforce atacr 7-35×56 F1 or F2. See more at The Barn


Magnification 3.5x to 15x
Exit pupil diameter 14.5mm at 3.5x, 4mm at 15x
Field of view 27.6’ at 3.5x, 7.3’ at 15x
Body tube diameter 30mm
Overall length 14.8”
Mounting length 5.8”
Weight 31 OZ
Click value .250 MOA
Internal adjustment range Unprecedented 110 M.O.A.
Composition 6061-T6b Aircraft Grade Aluminum
  • Exceptional optical integrity
  • Speed and accuracy in any weather, place, or situation
  • Rigorous performance testing
  • Item is entirely waterproof and weather-resistant

Nightforce NXS vs Nightforce SHV

These two rifle scope from Nightforce are continually being compared. With one pricing higher than the other, what is their prominent take away?

To put simply, NXS is a robust optic characteristic than SHV. The main goal for the creation if Nightforce SHV series is to provide a riflescope that can reach a broader range of hunters and competitive shooters but deemed worthy of the trusted Nightforce name.

Nightforce eliminated the “overbuilt” characteristics that the NXS series has to create SHV. Just like the Nightforce SHV 4-14×56. It may be lower in cost but can still outperform rifles of its price range.

If you are confused which of these series, reevaluate the situation wherein you will use the rifle scope.

If you are using your rifle on simple terrains, excellent weather, and easy game, then SHV should be your choice. But if you are shooting at rigorous situations and storming through rough elements, then NXS is your scope.

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