Kublr – A Container Management Platform You Need

With every major cloud provider adopting to the reliable Kubernetes, it is clear that the use of the platform marked the end of the container orchestration scuffle.

There’s a good reason for the success of Kubernetes—it supports high scalability, availability, and desired state management for the containerized apps and services. Concerned more with the ‘runtime’ instead of the ‘set-up’, Kubernetes also provides great flexibility in the components used and its configuration to provide core functionalities. However, such flexibility comes with complexity.

Fortunately, some platforms, like Kublr – a container management platform, are simplifying this complexity.

Kublr: What exactly is it?

Kublr – a container management platform – focuses specifically on the needs of enterprise clients. With a major focus on Kubernetes and its infrastructure layer, Kublr provides the governance and operations capabilities that organizations need in order to run reliably.

In short, Kublr helps automate the management and deployment of production-ready and secured Kubernetes environments and clusters. It also extends without forking or modifying the capabilities of Kubernetes to improve its security and resilience.

Unlike what most people think, Kublr is not a SaaS nor a PaaS. Since CI/CD tools are already compatible with Kubernetes, Kublr only focuses on running the platform reliably and not providing application tools. But, they do offer CI/CD tools in order to get things faster for your development team.

What makes Kublr different from PaaS

With a restrictive app lifecycle management approach, PaaS does not offer openness, flexibility, and the modularity that an open-source platform provides, making it incompatible with cloud-native approaches. However, with Kublr, you get open source ad compatible Kubernetes that allows you to use with any app development tool; use with any integration tool, plugin, or extension; or customize app management and delivery workflows, and still get a reliable app runtime platform like PaaS.

What makes Kublr different from other cloud-hosted Kubernetes services

Although cloud-hosted Kubernetes services are easy to use and highly convenient, it can limit your control to customize Kubernetes clusters. But with Kublr, you can automate the management of worker and master nodes; deploy the Kubernetes that you need and not what the cloud vendor limits or offer you; adjust the configurations of Kubernetes without limitations; use the same tools in different cloud providers; and integrate with your organization’s software solutions, like monitoring and attendance software.

Why consider Kublr

Deploying high-quality and reliable Kubernetes is not a one-size-fits-all solution. You have hundreds of Kubernetes variables that you need to consider, configure, test, and fine-tune for specific uses in order to achieve reliably. Kublr focuses on providing a reliability, scalability, and self-healing platform, as well as supporting multiple operating systems (OS).

Also Kublr – a container management platformallows you to manage several clusters at the same time, scale organizational requirements, assign permissions, and separate clusters all in a single view. It allows you to control performances across all your environments.

Kublr also covers all aspects of operations—auditing, monitoring, logging collection, disaster recovery, and identity management—making it one of the mostcomprehensive platforms on the market today.

Get it now at kublr.com.



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