Great ideas for a highly functional laundry room

A highly functional laundry room makes the task of washing clothes easier. It would serve different purposes as well, such as washing items which are too large for the kitchen sink. However, you need to remember a few ideas to come up with a highly functional laundry room. You have to think of the proper set-up of storage, laundry sinks, taps, washer, dryer, and other fixtures and furnishings.


Functional, yet fabulous, installations and tweaks for your laundry room


Here are few ideas that help you come up with a highly functional laundry area at home:


Washer and dryer


The right appliances are the centerpiece of any laundry area. That’s why it’s important to buy the appropriate washer and dryer with enough weight capacity and size for your room. Ideally, choose units which can carry up to 20 lbs at a time. However, you can have laundry machines with 12 to 16 lbs of weight capacity for a more affordable purchase.


Then, install power outlets that match with the needs of your appliances. For example, some dryers has 3 or 4 prongs on the plug, which means you should have an outlet that fits it.


Moreover, position the washer near the laundry tub for easy draining. You only need to put the draining hose of the washer to the sink, which prevents flooding in your laundry area.


Laundry sink


Installing the right sink makes your laundry room more functional. Laundry sinks have deeper structures and can take the form of a tub which makes it capable of holding water. This allows you to soak clothes when necessary, as if you’re using a basin or a bucket for the task.


Its deep structure is the key for you to wash larger household items, such as large pots your kitchen sink cannot accommodate.


Plumbing system


Of course, any laundry room should have an efficient plumbing system for water supply and drainage. Begin by finding the best taps for laundry sinks, then install a hot and cold water line for the washer.


You should set up an efficient drainage system to also prevent flooding in your laundry area. It should prevent water from seeping into the areas of your home located next to your laundry room. For example, you should have a channel and grates for drainage to keep water from flooding after exiting your laundry area.


Storage and clotheslines


Efficient storage will do wonders for your laundry room. Laundry cabinets provide storage for detergents, bleaches, hangers, and other laundry items that you need. Install larger cabinets, and you’ll have a place for clothes baskets too. This keeps laundry items and dirty clothes from cluttering in other areas of your home.


The right clotheslines hold wet or dry clothes in your laundry area. And, they keeps your clothes unwrinkled before you fold them properly.


With these ideas, you can make your laundry room more functional. Just be sure to purchase the right items for a laundry room project. Favour quality and durability, instead of merely choosing cheap products. Moreover, hire the right professional to help you with complex installations, such as those for power and plumbing lines.


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