Improve your company’s operations with an internet phone

Traditional landlines are now obsolete. More Queensland companies prefer internet phone systems because of the wonders it brings. It offers efficiency, convenience, and quality for customers and business partners. And that leads to a significant boost in marketing and sales for a company.

internet phone

What makes internet phone systems beneficial for a Queensland company?

Internet phones are apps or platforms that accept calls from landline or mobile. This allows staff to use office computers to answer or make calls. And that makes physical telephone units unnecessary. That’s how it delivers significant benefits to your company, such as:

Affordable than traditional landlines

First, subscription fees of internet phone systems are much affordable than landline charges. Flexible packages are available too, such as letting you choose features and inclusions. Moreover, installation fees aren’t necessary, since it doesn’t come with a physical device.

Convenient to use

Your employees only need their office computers to use internet phones. This allows them to continue with their computer or desk tasks, then answer or make a call.

In your company, for example, a staff member might need to use the computer while talking to a customer. They can do both at the same time with the help of an internet phone Brisbane system.

Quality audio

Internet phones come with fascinating improvement to the quality of audio in a call. This allows your staff and the person on the other end to understand each other. Call interruptions are avoidable, too, as long as you have a stellar internet connection in the office.

This would deliver fantastic perks on a business perspective. An example is when your Gold Coast Company tries to make a business deal. An internet phone Gold Coast system allows you to negotiate efficiently. Thus, it helps you avoid missing opportunities because of sudden interruptions.

Valuable features

This is something that any landline cannot provide. An internet phone comes with features which are valuable for your office operations. For example, some platforms allow users to adjust the volume, clarity, and quality of the audio. Recording features are common as well, which are helpful for documentation and reports.

Many systems also allow you to create conferences or cater to many calls at once. This is helpful for long-distance meetings, so you don’t have to pay for a conference room. As a bonus, some internet phones come with video calling features, which allow face-to-face communication.

Final thoughts

The benefits of using internet phones all boil down to better call communication in your Queensland Company. These perks lead to significant sales and marketing benefits for your business as well.

Be sure, however, to find a reliable service provider for it. Choose a platform with valuable features, such as an audio adjustment, recording capacities, and video calling. Of course, choose one that promises stable and dependable services to avoid any interruptions.

And if you’re in Gold Coast, connect with RoshTech today. They offer dependable managed IT services Gold Coast companies trust. Moreover, they offer high-quality internet phones, with excellent features and stability.

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Datacenter security measures: What to Expect

In the present world, there is a need for an infrastructure that underpins the electronic communication, the internet and digital commerce sectors. This need has resulted to the increasing demand for organizations to construct datacenters. A datacenter is a building that houses important computing resources under a centralized management in a controlled environment. The system assists an organization to run in accordance to the business needs. Datacenter has evolved very fast to cope with different business application environments that use separate domains that are costly to maintain and manage. Some of the computing resources stored in a datacenter include:

  • Application servers
  • Operating systems
  • Messaging servers
  • Web servers
  • Storage subsystems
  • Network infrastructure

Data center physical security

Data centers need to be safeguarded against internal harm and intruders that are motivated by intentional infiltration. It is of great importance to protect the datacenter against hazards caused by normal activities of the staff operating in the facility. Below is a guide to physical security for data centers:

  1. Layout and security. The datacenters should be strategically situated in an area where it is not vulnerable to dangers such as car crash and fires. On this note, a disaster recovery plan should be put in place.
  2. Physical access controls. Any person accessing a data center should have a good reason in doing so. Implementation of a strict visitor sign-in process should be adhered to.
  3. Outsourcing of data security roles. Organizations should not hire completely the services of a third-party to be in-charge of their data center security. Instead, a company should appoint a manager to ensure that the third party is handling the physical security properly.
  4. Installation of surveillance cameras. Cameras should be put all around a perimeter wall, exits and entrances to monitor movement in and out of the building.

Data center security

Data center security revolves around three concepts known as AAA. The three concepts are:

  • Accounting. It gives summary and logging data for authorization and authentication systems.
  • Authentication. It is a procedure where a person identifies himself or herself to a system. Majority of the systems need a combination of a secret code and an identifier.
  • Authorization. It is a process that associates user identity with the right to access a particular service.

Data center security guide

Data center designs are distinct and comply with specific technologies and standards. The systems incorporate multiple technologies, match capacity to traffic, combine various cabling types, which develop a set of complicated operations. There are different strategies and layers utilized by security and network experts to safeguard datacenters from external and internal threats. A network IPS is a technology employed in these strategies regardless of the extent of the vulnerability. Here are some guidelines considered in the execution of IPS network:

  • Use of logical VLAN interfaces on network sensors that provide designers with the option to deal with various deployment requirements.
  • Maintain a configuration and a scale of performance using dedicated network IPS sensors for specific data center processes.
  • Ensure that network IPS sensors incorporate well with the surrounding network habitat because datacenters are designed for highly available connectivity as well as high-speed.
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