Collaborate in UAT sessions better: Use visual client feedback tools

During your User Acceptance Testing (UAT) sessions, don’t you ever wish your clients or users could just comment directly on your web projects, instead of sending long, incomprehensive comment threads on Trello or Asana?

Surely, there’s no single formula for a successful acceptance session. However, haven’t you suffered long enough? Don’t let those roadblocks prevent your team from being productive.

Why suffer when you can streamline your feedback acquisition using a UAT tool?

The main roadblocks in User Acceptance Testing

1. Not going deep into the business users’ requirements

Sometimes, you may think you have gone beyond the surface; however, as you look deeper, you realize you might just have covered the basics. The result is a loose interpretation that leads to errors and, eventually, defects. You should take action to avoid this, as it will be costly to alleviate those defects after the implementation.

To prevent that disaster from happening, put more effort into identifying the business users’ requirements. Ask the necessary but smart questions. Categorise them, provide examples, and then supply solutions.

2. Ineffective communication between the team

Miscommunication is common in UAT; however, this will be a small matter when the stakeholders work together to arrive at a solution. However, worse becomes worst when communication becomes ineffective in arriving at a solution.

What if your team’s communication style isn’t delivering the most desired outcome? Perhaps it’s time to reflect. Reconsider how you communicate with each other. Are you working towards the same goal? You must believe in the same vision, so all of you can pitch in and help if ever huge defects happen.

3. New or changing requirements from the business users

Of course, this is inevitable—however, how you deal with this situation will determine your project’s success. Sometimes, the business users will ask for a time allowance. They will use this period to decide on their new requirements.

The problem is they aren’t often clear about how long they might take in deciding. If you’re not careful, you might set your team for a sticky situation. Being too loose with this time allowance might not give you enough time to fix their suggestions before the release date.

Why use a feedback tool?

Besides empathy and communication, you can prevent those roadblocks from existing by using a client feedback tool. Userback, for instance, is a highly visual feedback tool you can integrate into WordPress, GitHub, Asana, Trello, and more project management tools.

See how a feedback tool can help eliminate the roadblocks we listed above:

1. Not enough insight into the business users’ requirements?

A good feedback tool will make the web project more visible to business users. As a result, they can easily comment their insights real-time, allowing you to categorise and resolve their suggestions quickly. For instance, Userback can let clients comment on live sites or apps.

2. Ineffective communication?

Reliable and smart feedback tools allow smooth, streamlined communication. For instance, Userback sends notifications by email or by chat apps. Through this feature, everyone can quickly acknowledge each other’s comments and assignments. This helps prevent anyone from feeling unheard or neglected.

3. New or changing requirements?

With a website feedback tool, you’ll have a bird’s eye view of the feedback acquisition. For instance, in Userback’s dashboard, you can view the feedbacks as screenshots. You can manage and categorise them according to their urgency. As a result, your team can have more focus and the clients will feel that their needs are being met.

Need to know more about Userback? Tools such as Userback will skyrocket your team’s productivity flawlessly. Visit to learn more about Userback!

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The Perks of Digital Marketing for Small Businesses

As a business owner, why would you fight hard to maintain a steady online presence? Digital marketing experts like Ryan Deiss suggest that marketing trends have changed a great deal with the emergence of technology, social media, and digital marketing. These advances have shaped social behavior, consumer action, and the way people do business.

Especially if you are a small business owner, you have to adapt to the modern trends of marketing in order to retain your position in the market. In some instances, you can blend both digital and traditional strategies to yield fair returns for your business. The first step to redefine your marketing strategy is to involve an experienced digital marketer such as Ryan Deiss for expert advice. Important resources such as Ryan Deiss and digital marketing post penguin 4.0 can help you boost your online presence.

Here are top benefits of digital marketing compared to traditional marketing

Digital Marketing Offers Equal Opportunity

In the virtual world, you are free to compete with any business regardless of the size, as long as you have solid marketing strategies. In traditional marketing, you would struggle to match the  level of major competitors. This may not be possible especially with little resources. In digital marketing, your strategies are more important than your size. With resources such as digital marketing post penguin 4.0 with Ryan Deiss, you can compete effectively and achieve your goals.

Digital Marketing is Cheaper

In internet marketing, you can utilize effective marketing strategies at a reduced cost. This can replace costly expenses of advertising on radio, television, or Yellow Pages. Besides, it is easier to measure results with digital marketing than with traditional forms of marketing. For example, the use of Google analytics makes it easier to determine specific goals for your business.

Digital Marketing Yields Almost Immediate Results

In traditional marketing, you would wait for weeks to get a response for a fax message. In digital marketing, e-mails work almost instantly, giving you faster feedback from your target clients. Besides, it is possible to find out the number of visitors to your site and judge whether there is an increase or decrease. In traditional marketing, you cannot tell how many people heard your advertising message on the radio or how many people read about it in the newspapers.

Digital Marketing Allows You to Refine Your Strategy

In digital marketing, it is less costly to improve your strategies for a greater success. For example, you can review your e-mails before you send them out or refine other marketing strategies for a greater success. Resources for digital marketing such as Ardor SEO and Ryan Deiss are important to help you fine-tune your marketing processes to ensure that they achieve the intended objectives. Check out

Digital Marketing Allows You to Develop Your Brand

With a well-maintained, functional website, you can add value to your business. When your target clients visit your site, they can find solutions that address their concerns and this improves their loyalty in your product or service.

In today’s marketing circles, digital marketing has become the big thing. To get started, it is advisable to consult experts such as Ardor SEO and Ryan Deiss.

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Types of Digital Marketing You Need to Know

The internet has become the largest source of information for businesses, organizations, and companies. If you target the online market, you need to understand how your target customers obtain information first. This can give you a clear overview on how to spread information about your product or service. It is also advisable to seek professional support from reliable digital marketers such as Ryan Deiss Ardor SEO consultant.

All the same, before you venture into any digital marketing strategy, here is a sneak preview of the areas of digital marketing that you can target.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

For a long time, SEO was the sole focus of digital marketing for many professionals. However, the success of SEO depends on how best your website ranks on search engines. That is why it is important to seek support from experienced professionals like Ryan Deiss Ardor SEO digital marketer. Research reveals that very few people that look for information online proceed beyond the first page. Besides, most visitors concentrate on the first three results.

This implies that your website has to be competitive to appear among the first searches in a search engine. However, search engines such as Google have created new ways by which you can attract visitors. For example, using Ardor backlinks Ryan Deiss implements can help your website to go a long way in ranking. Ardor SEO Ryan Deiss can also help you learn about keyword selection and usage, meta tags, and more.

Social Media Marketing

In addition to utilizing Ardor SEO with Ryan Deiss, you can also embark in social media marketing. Shares and likes on Facebook, Tweets and retweets, as well as other social media platforms all give you a better opportunity to grab top position in search engines.

Besides, social media marketing, you can connect directly with customers and get to know how they feel about your product or service.

Invest in Pay-Per-Click Ads

If you don’t experience enough traffic on your website, it is possible to buy organic traffic from existing websites. You can do this through PPC ads. If you install ad analytics software, you can be able to track your PPC campaigns. The best part is that you pay only when someone clicks on your ad.

Include e-Mail Newsletters

E-mail marketing is another important arm of digital marketing. You can use it to attract your target customers with special deals on your product or service. With effective e-mail marketing strategy, you can direct your marketing efforts to a specific segment.

While other types of digital marketing do exist, the mentioned areas are the pillars of online marketing. However, you can also explore other business sites such as LinkedIn can help you relay information to your target customers. You can also utilize direct advertising from reliable websites. With expert help from resource persons like Ryan Deiss Ardor SEO consultant, you can find new online marketing strategies to implement.

Besides, a healthy and balanced approach to online marketing can help you tap into areas that seem neglected, but can still yield great results.

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Securing Digital Gold: Will it Be Worth It?

Gold silver cryptocurrency: why do consumers prefer it to cryptocurrencies? Continue reading to find out even more.

Metal backed crypto: is there such a thing?

If you just cannot help but question gold silver cryptocurrency, that’s quite natural. How can you rely upon something you cannot even clasp? And also this is a rare-earth element we are discussing. Very well, your doubt will be changed.

Digital gold is not completely digital, though. It is, in fact, backed by genuine metals in vaults.

Gold silver cryptocurrency, like the Kinesis by Allocated Bullion Exchange (ABX), is based on a 1:1 designated gold. You can prevent feeling uneasy regarding the proportional dangers.

The ever consistent & trustworthy gold

Gold is without a doubt the absolute most sturdy precious metal worldwide.

Its sturdiness and rust-resistant characteristics help preserve its high value. Gold is additionally mobile or portable, malleable, and safe—making the processing speedy and easy. With these types of features, it’s not surprising that why a digital currency backed by gold is untouchable to inconstancy.

All of the strong traits of gold supply users with the greatest security and safety. With that sort of assurance, crypto digital gold is additionally a particularly dependable medium of exchange.

Reliable profiting from gold bars

Possessing gold bars does sound great. Regardless, you can’t attain considerably until they circulate.

Do not let them stay in that vault forever! If you own and operate a couple of them, then you should put attempts in profiting from them. However, you should not panic much. Your best alternative is digital gold. It is the most suitable resource for generating income from your tangible gold effectively.

Once you own gold silver cryptocurrency, you can now work deals on the web. By natural means, you will prevent the difficulty of exchanging physical gold face to face. In a simply a few mouse clicks, you can deal high-value metals. Apart from that, there will be very little storing prices and long bank queues waiting for you.

Where to get legitimate investing expertise

A lot of digital gold companies know buying and selling real metals.

ABX has been assisting people swap gold and silver ever since 2011. By having their expertise and experience, they developed the Kinesis backed by gold and silver.

Assuming that you buy Kinesis, ABX will give metal investing expertise. Their business practical knowledge consists of trading rudiments used on online deals. So, you would not worry about making the wrong moves. Their real and experienced-based expertise has you protected.

Reliable platforms for crypto gold

The digital platforms only amplify its usage as an unit of currency. Straightforward attributes allow consumers to transmit, earn, or see their digital gold. Every little thing is simple and fast.

For instance, the Kinesis monetary system enables 3,000+ purchases in just one second. Plus, what’s more ideal is its actual use. You can swap Kinesis for standard money (Fiat currency) and spend it by using the provided debit card.

By having crypto backed by tangible silver and gold, uncertain prices will not be a problem. Kinesis digital currency backed by gold is releasing this November 2018.

Supposing that you want a gold backed buy digital currency, see

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